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O u r   M i s s i o n   S t a t e m e n t  

Our mission is to produce professional work that explores, questions, and illuminates our world.

A  L i t t l e   B i t   A b o u t  U s

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At Wee Yarn Productions we believe in the importance and power of storytelling. We believe that by sharing stories, we can better understand and make sense of the ever-changing world we live in.

We produce work creatively, using multi-disciplinary approaches. We share stories using multiple platforms and mediums. Our desire is to engage our audience’s curiosity, emotions, and imaginations.

We invite everyone to participate and share in our work.

A Brief History

Wee Yarn Productions was established in 2019 in the North of Ireland. With strong bases in Belfast, County Tyrone and Derry city, the company went on to create work across the North. After only a few months working on several projects, the Wee Yarn team had the opportunity to travel to Australia with their work. Basing themselves in Adelaide, South Australia, the team worked on several theatre productions, collaborated with a number of Australian performing artists, and toured playing live music in various venues across South Australia and Melbourne.


Whilst in Australia Wee Yarn Productions produced their play The Daughters of Róisín at the 2020 Adelaide Fringe, to critical acclaim. Enjoying three successful runs at three separate venues across Adelaide. Wee Yarn Productions relished the opportunity to share a story so close to their hearts with such wonderful and responsive audiences in South Australia.  


The team loved their time in Australia and are forever grateful for all the wonderful people they had the opportunity to meet, collaborate and work with during their time there. They will most definitely be back to share more of their work and see more of the sights!  


In December 2020, due to unforeseen circumstances (Covid-19), the team packed their bags and headed for home. Back home safely and determined as ever, the Wee Yarn Productions team are super excited for 2021. With all the challenges that everyone is facing globally right now, Wee Yarn Productions are determined to find the silver lining!


We pledge to be resilient and adapt to our wonderful ever-changing world. We will continue to create, share stories and engage with our wonderful audiences and will embrace new and exciting platforms to do so.