Wee Yarn Productions is a theatre company, originating in the North of Ireland, but currently based in Adelaide, South Australia.


We are committed to producing professional theatre that explores, questions and illuminates our world and the stories which bind us.

New Writing is our main focus, with no story being too big or too small. We are excited by the use of space, and how our surroundings shape our experiences. 

Wee Yarn productions places the audience at the centre of our work. We invite our audiences not only to spectate, but to participate and most importantly, to witness. 


Cahal Clarke

Co-Artistic Director & Founder


Graduating from Ulster University, with a First Class Honours in Drama, Cahal went on to complete a Masters degree in Contemporary Performance Practice. 

Having worked as an actor and musician for a number of years he is no stranger to performing; however, his attention has now turned to writing and producing work. He has developed and worked on projects across the arts from social efficacy theatre to children's theatre, as well as writing and performing for stage.


He is interested in making work both in the theatre and in the world around us. Cahal draws inspiration from the past, present and future and is interested in exploring how each affect and effect the other. Cahal has a major interest in building work that allows the audience to explore difficult and contentious topics using a theatrical frame.  

Cahal sees Wee Yarn Productions as the platform to deliver an excellent standard of work for audiences both locally and internationally.

Aoibh Johnson


Co-Artistic Director and Founder

Aoibh graduated from Ulster University with a First class honours, and was added to the Dean's List for her outstanding contribution to creative practice. She then went on to complete her Masters in Contemporary Performance Practice and specialised in creating female-focused work using historical archives. 

Over the past four years, Aoibh has focused on developing her skills in solo performance, writing and performing her own original work.  She has performed in numerous prestigious venues and festivals, such as the Playhouse, Derry and Stendhal Festival. As well as this she has been acting for established theatre company Sole Purpose Productions, based in Derry, N.Ireland for the past three years. Upon moving to Australia, Aoibh is excited to fully embrace and engage with Adelaide's thriving theatre scene.

She has also worked as a leading youth theatre facilitator for the past three years and is passionate about making drama and theatre accessible to all members of the community. Through her work with young people, Aoibh has seen firsthand the benefits of theatre to encourage, enlighten and empower. 

Aoibh sees Wee Yarn Productions as an exciting opportunity to create, explore and play and she is excited about this new creative venture.