We write and perform all of our own original material. Our work is diverse and includes stage shows, interactive storytelling and improvisational theatre. We have a wide range of material suitable for very young children, teens and adults of all ages. Our work has been produced for theatres, schools, youth groups, community groups, care homes, festivals and conferences. 

As well as performing, we are also available to write material.

We have performed sketches, spoken word poetry and monologues on numerous issues at many conferences and corporate events. 

Adding this dynamic and entertaining element to a conference is an interactive and interesting way to communicate many issues, as well as creating a more engaging experience. 

Examples of issues that we have addressed at conferences are: Patriarchy, gambling, drugs and alcohol, mental health awareness, employability and healthy relationships. 

We can write and perform sketches on request. Contact us for more information. 


We design and facilitate workshops as well as interactive education classes. These can be employed in schools, (both secondary and primary) as well as youth and community groups.

Some examples of workshops that we provide are as follows: 

-Effects of underage drinking

-Healthy relationships

-Gambling addiction

-Mental health awareness workshops (*can be tailored to suit primary school age as well as teens and adults)


Programmes are designed to suit any age, learning ability or theme. 

As experienced, trained actors and facilitators we can also provide classes and programmes which develop more specific drama and theatre skills. These programmes can be tailored for children from 4 years up. As well as this, we offer programmes for adults interested in learning more about performing, character development and storytelling. 

If you are interested in any of our services, please email us at: