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My Ireland #savethearts

We have been feeling extremely shocked and unnerved by the recent comments in the media that us artists and creative folk should "retrain" in other fields or look for other careers.

Those of us that have been brave enough to enter into this industry have done so knowing that we will often be underappreciated, discouraged from practicing and often looked at as people who have a glorified hobby.

I am here to tell you that a career in the Arts is hard graft. It is persistence. It is knowing that often you must work three times as hard as everyone else, in order to pursue your passion and pay bills simultaneously.

Creating, performing and being part of this industry is our vocation. It is what we were born to do, and we refuse to be treated with such little respect.

Below is a short spoken word piece, calling all our artists and allies to rise with us to hold on to the necessity that is our Arts industry.

The Arts belongs to all people, not just those who make money from it. It belongs to humanity and is vital for our world to flourish.

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